InKAS - We Came Back

Around 5000 to 6000 Adult Korean adoptees come back to Korea yearly. Mostly of them come back for a short time looking for their roots or satisfying their curiosity. Organizations as InKAS or GOA'L are here to welcome and help them connecting back to their birth country providing cultural/field trip, translation, housing and scholarship to learn Korean.

However, lately, more and more adoptees tend or wish to stay in Korea but they do face hardships as making a living or finding their place in the Korean society. These are new goals for InKAS and they started an awareness campaign to motivate Korean companies to include Korean adoptees into their international recruting policies and support/invest in adoptees professional projects.

Things are going on and right now, thanks to GOA'L, Korean adoptees are the only ones to be granted to obtain Korean dual citizenship.

Campaign produced by InKAS.


Script : Pierre Ogeron

Footage : Pierre Ogeron

Edit : Pierre Ogeron