About me

Pierre Ogeron is a French Korean filmmaker, drone operator and photographer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since 2013. He has previously worked in Seoul, South Korea and France where he has worked on TV programs, documentaries, institutional and music videos. He has done collaborative works with French, Russian and Vietnamese TVs such as TV5MONDE, France2, Canal+, Arte, M6, Rossiya2, BFMTV and YANTV.

Pierre is used to work on both one man crew or large scaled productions. With our trusted team of professionals that we collaborate with, no project is too big or too small. Simply get in touch to discuss your project.

Pierre also has BOSIET, HUET, OPITO BOAT accreditations and produce on and offshore films and photos for the oil and gas industry.

Specializing in time lapse films and aerial videography, Pierre has been sharing his time between working on national and international productions and travelling the world on the hunt for unique content for Getty Images.

Being an adoptee himself, Pierre has been both volunteering and working for major adoption NGOs in South Korea such as InKAS, Nest and G.O.A.'L.