InKAS 2015 Summer Camp

Every summer, from May to August, a one-week Summer camp is held for adoptees to experience and learn about Korean Culture with fellow adoptees and local volunteers. This program is coordinated to help adoptees better understand the Korean language, cuisine, traditional dress and housing through hands on participation. South Korean college students volunteer in the InKAS Summer Camp to participate in some of the classes alongside the adoptees. Their involvement in the InKAS Summer Camp offers a more comfortable atmosphere during the event.

Furthermore, since all classes and around three in the afternoon, participants of the program will have plenty of free time. InKAS can assist in the arrangement of activities ranging from shopping to visiting adoption agencies to birth family reunions. InKAS can also provide interpreters upon request. Following the completion of the program, participants will have the chance to go on a short tour of South Korea with their classmates and volunteers.

Footage : Pierre Ogeron

Edit : Pierre Ogeron